Nissi Laundry is equipped with the latest laundry technology. With our high-speed, high-extraction front load washers, a typical wash cycle takes just a few minutes!

For same day services they is an additional fee of R150.

N.B. We only take 5kgs and above.

Bedding Prices

Duvets (Feather/Hollow) – King R250.00
Duvets (Feather/Hollow) – Queen R240.00
Duvets (Feather/Hollow) – Single R190.00
Duvets (Feather/Hollow) – Double R230.00
Comforters – Double R220.00
Comforters – Single R180.00
Blankets (Double Ply) R210.00
Blankets (Single) R160.00

Laundry Prices

Pillows – Feather R80.00
Curtains with Block-Out R100/kg
Iron Only R35/kg
Wash, Tumble Dry & Fold R30/kg
Pillows – Hollow Fibre R70.00
Curtains R70/kg
Wash, Tumble Dry, Fold & Iron R40/kg